For centuries, different cultures have used various methods for lymphatic drainage.

Huh? Lymphatic drainage you ask, let us give you the low down.

In the human body we all have a lymph system which helps your body purge toxins. You may have noticed when you get a massage that the motions are always pushing away from the center of your body and towards the insertion point of your limbs. This is because these are key areas where your body is able to pass over these dormant toxins into the lymph system.

Ok, back on track. Dry brushing is a form of lymphatic drainage with the added exfoliating benefit in one swoop of a brush. You can generally pick these up from any chemist or department store.

Starting at the feet and moving up the body in sweeping motions will help give your body what it needs to get these no good toxins out of your body. Best completed prior to a shower so any dead skin cells can be washed away.