Did you know that your skin is considered the largest organ of the human body? This is why it pays in spades to look after it. One way to keep this organ in tip top shape is by helping in generating of new skin cells. As we age the rate of skin cells being renewed slows down which can make our appearance dull and lifeless.

To assist your bodies natural process of purging skin cells you can exfoliate.

When you are exfoliating you are essentially stimulating your body to pay attention to that area. Do you ever wonder why your tan fades in certain areas before others? This is because everyday items can act as an exfoliator on your skin, whether its washing your hands, cleansing your face, gym clothes tightening on your biceps or from your beloved watch.

There are 3 main subsections of skin being;

  • epidermis aka top layer

  • dermis aka middle layer

  • subcutaneous fat aka bottom layer

Your top section being the epidermis houses a further 7 layers of skin cells with the outermost layer actually being “dead skin.”

Now I know you are thinking, ew dead skin?! In our next blog post we will share with you how to stimulate your body to purge toxins and exfoliate.